Required Competitions 


All of our contestants will compete in the eveningwear competition in the gown of their choice. Each contestant will take her walk in a moment in the spotlight showcasing their poise, personality, and confidence on stage. All of our contestants will use a predetermined walking pattern that will be provided in your newsletters leading up to nationals week.


Just before their interview, our contestants will have the opportunity to present themselves to the panel of judges with a 30 second introduction. Contestants will be scored on their public speaking ability, poise, grooming, and appearance in their interview outfit. Example introductions and outfit guidelines are included in your nationals paperwork to help you prepare.


After their personal introduction, each contestant will sit down with our judges for a panel style interview. Our interview questions are age appropriate and not designed to stump you but rather give the judges a glimpse of your true personality, goals, and plans for the role of being at National Queen. Sample interview questions will be provided to help you practice beforehand.

Photo Credit: Pageant Paparazzi

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